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3 Things to Check If ULT Freezer Fails

While ULT freezers are rugged and reliable, and can go through wear and tear over time. With the excessive usage they’re put through, it isn’t uncommon for the ULT freezer’s compressor, door/gasket, or condenser to stop working properly.

Luckily, they’re usually easy to diagnose and fix.


Most often, the main culprit for a ULT freezer’s failure is the compressor. The downside to this easy diagnosis is that you now need a replacement. ULT freezers rely on compressors to function properly as it one of the most integral components of the machine.

Compressor replacement isn’t as expensive or time consuming compared to getting your entire ULT freezer replaced. Expect minimal downtime or hinderance to your work when the replacement process takes place.

We recommend investing in the TWINCORE and TWINCORE ECO as they’re equipped with 2 independent compressor systems each capable of maintaining -82 °C. The second compressor acts as a backup and maintains temperature for unparalleled safety.


The door and gaskets can cause problems in ULT freezers. The gaskets are used to create a seal between the doors and the freezer itself, and if they’re not properly closed down, there will be an opening between them.

Usually, dust and debris can get caught up between the door and the gasket. You need to clean with a wet cloth around the seal to get it up to speed again. Make sure to get rid of any wear and tear on the gasket, along with build-up of ice over time, in order to maintain optimal performance.


If your ULT is cooling down but won’t maintain uniform temperature, and the gasket or door isn’t an issue, the problem may just be in the condenser. There’s either a leakage in the refrigerant fluid or the fan isn’t working properly.

Both of these can hinder performance of the ULT and require urgent replacement. Repairing or replacing the components of the fan and adding a new filter can help resolve most of the problems.

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