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An Introduction to ULT Freezers

Preservation of samples is the utmost responsibility of any laboratory or pharmaceutical facility, and thanks to advancements in science and technology, the unique invention of Ultra-Low Temperature or ULT freezers has become an excellent storage choice for lab samples and specimens.

Statistics show that the Global Biomedical Refrigerators and Freezers Market expects to witness 4.2% compound annual growth. Additionally, COVID-19 has necessitated every medical facility to get equipped with appropriate freezers for vaccines and sample storage.

Let’s have a comprehensive look at ULT freezers and their features to improve our understanding of their function.

What’s a ULT Freezer?

ULT Freezers are storage vaults for DNA samples, bone marrow, tissue samples, drugs, enzymes, and other biological materials that operate between -60°C – -86°C or equivalently -30°F – -40°F. They’ve become essential for clinical environments, such as hospitals, clinics, medical laboratories, or research facilities.

What are ULT Freezer Types?

There are 2 basic types of ULT freezers: Chest freezers and Upright freezers.

They both differ in shape and design. Due to the difference in the compressor placement, chest freezers are more energy-efficient, but they lack storage space. They also allow the temperatures to be synchronized quickly. Still, businesses prefer upright freezers because of more space and erect design.

Some ULT freezers also offer a twin ULT variant, which comes with two compressors. Due to the samples’ sensitivity, such freezers provide back-up, i.e., if one compressor fails, the other is there to compensate. They’re more expensive than the former types.

What Are the Features of ULT Freezers?

ULT freezers possess the following specialized features.

1. Sample Preservation and Safety

ULT freezers protect samples from external exposure. They have an automatic adjustment to external temperature when the freezer door opens. Moreover, they possess a seven-point contact silicone gasket, which preserves the samples in power outages and heat leaks.

2. Energy Saving

ULT freezers not only function well but also conserve energy. They consume 25% less energy than other standard laboratory equipment. They’re suitable for laboratories as they make less noise and enhance operational and business efficiency.

3. Secured Vaults

ULT freezers offer high securityas laboratory specimen are extremely sensitive. They provide a specialized feature of emergency alarms and other security features, such as fingerprint scanning or an authorized keycard. Your sample’s safety isn’t compromised.

4. Sizes and Longevity

Apart from the chest and upright freezers, they also come in other compact sizes like Tera-core, Uni-core, and Messenger sizes. They’re portable and have a service life of about 12-15 years, depending on the manufacturer.

Z-SC1 Offers Customized ULT Freezers

Are you looking to buy ULT Freezers for your laboratory? At Z-SC1, we offer Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers according to your needs. Whether spacing saving or fastest recovery problems, we have a solution for all your laboratory freezer needs.

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