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How Clinical Laboratories Can Benefit from Small, Portable Cooling Options

Large biomedical corporations can make do with larger, more energy-consuming freezers—but what about small-scale biomedical research labs or clinics? Where do you store your samples and drugs?

And do you necessarily need a massive biobank when you can get a smaller, more portable one instead? Especially when portable cooling options have the following benefits. . .

1. Easy Transport of Samples, Drugs, Etc.

With large freezers, you have the additional problem of weight. They cannot be moved around so easily. You need additional help to move them around or to transport them.

Smaller, more portable cooling options do away with these problems easily. They are lightweight, which makes them much easier to carry. Transporting smaller batches of samples and drugs becomes a lot more convenient with portable cooling options.

2. Easy to Add new Components if Needed

Z-SC1 Corp. provides two kinds of refrigerators for biomedical purposes, one of them is the medical-grade refrigerator. What makes this smaller and more portable refrigerator a great option for clinical labs is the flexibility it offers. It is already furnished with several compartments and is a single-door edifice. However, you can add or remove the compartment to suit your needs. The size of its selves can be changed and shuffled as your samples should require. An all-in-one model, this one eliminates the need to buy different refrigerators with different specifications.

3. More Energy-Efficient

A massive freezer or biobank will require a massive amount of energy to help it function. Large freezers often end up consuming huge swathes of energy without our notice, which is bad for two reasons: it adds to (a) global warming and greenhouse gases and (b) your electricity bills. One large freezer—as opposed to several small cooling options—will drink up more energy than you signed up for.

4. Take Up Less Space in the Lab

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Depending on the stature of your biomedical facility, it depends entirely on you whether you require a massive freezer—and whether or not you’ll use it to its full capacity. If your facility doesn’t require these in their entirety—and you just need them for the storage of small batches—do you even need these large things that cover huge space?

Smaller cooling options are, of course, literally smaller, which makes them very convenient for smaller facilities. If you’re short on space in your facility, these small refrigerators can make a big difference.

Looking for a Portable Medical-Grade Refrigerator?

Z-SC1’s medical-grade refrigerator comes equipped with all the features any clinical lab would want in a biomedical cooling option. It:

  • Has temperature uniformity
  • Is portable, small, easy to move
  • Has LCD display
  • Has a rechargeable battery and backup systems
  • Is temperature adjustable

If you’re looking for something that has all the features of any large, medical-grade freezer but is smaller, this is what you want. Place your orders online or find out more about the deals we offer.

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