Ultrafast Temperature Freezers Available

Looking to buy an Ult Freezer that meets your specific needs. Z-Sciences Corporation has the solution you need. Our wide selection of Ultra Low Temperature Freezers meets a wide range of industry requirements. The Messenger Portable freezer comes in a compact size, which is an excellent solution for clinical trials and drug delivery. For space-saving freezers, the Minicore Small Space refrigerator fits just about anywhere. Despite the small size it’s one of the most powerful pharmaceutical freezers out there. It operates at -86ºC and is the only mini freezer dedicated to a disaster recovery plan.

The Twin E2 freezer is a powerhouse with two dual core compressors and fastest recovery times. Also operating at -86ºC, this Ultralow upright freezer is ideal for critical material storage and sample safety. For added security, we recommend the Twincore that comes with the WizBox monitoring system. Finally, if you’re looking for the best value in the market, we offer the Unicore freezer. For more information, browse our selection of Ultra Low Temperature Freezers now.