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Why Portable ULT Freezers Are Ideal for Laboratories

Ultra-low temperature freezers, also known as ULT freezers operate at extremely low temperatures, designed to keep items preserved for longer periods of time. They are long-lasting installations that require minimal maintenance while offering good value for money. Here’s why all laboratories should invest in a ULT freezer:

Sample Preservation

Laboratories can face a huge amount of loss by not employing top-of-the-line technology to preserve their samples. ULT freezers are engineered to ensure sample preservation. The internal chambers of ULT freezers are designed to maintain a stable temperature at all times.

What’s more, they come with silicone gaskets, which ensure that no heat leaks occur and temperature is maintained in case electricity is cut off for a short period.

Energy Efficiency

Despite maintaining low temperatures, ULT freezers consume a lot less power than their regular counterparts. Some smaller ULT freezer options even offer greater savings; generally, you can expect around 25% savings at the very least.

These freezers also emit less heat due to lower energy consumption and have a lower noise level, contributing to better conditions for your laboratory.

ULT freezers are a great way of saving up on operational costs in the long run while maintaining an efficient working space that performs optimally at all times.

Size Options

Laboratories often have space constraints when it comes to storing equipment. Luckily, ULT freezers are available in a wide variety of options. For larger capacities, you have upright freezers with multiple shelves that allow you to store large quantities of samples. These allow for easier access due to their door design. Some of these have adjustability options too.

There are medium size variations as well, along with increasingly popular smaller versions that allow for portability and great battery backup, making them ideal for sample transportation such as COVID-19 samples and vaccines.

Image filename: Messenger-shutter-portable
Image alt text: The messenger shutter portable freezer.

Z-SC1 has been one of the leading biomedical equipment manufacturers in the North and South American region for the past 20 years. We offer ULT freezers, lab refrigerators for biomedical facilities, along with messenger shuttle portable freezers. The products are certified ISO 9001 & ISO 13485.

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